Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Tuesday, October 22nd

  1. Andrew Chan: Switching to Managed Compatibility Mode in Visual Studio 2013
  2. Craig Larman and Ahmad Fahmy: How to Form Teams in Large-Scale Scrum? A Story of Self-Designing Teams
  3. Jim Galasyn: Publishing your apps to the Windows Store for Windows 8.1
  4. Andrew B Hall: .NET Memory Analysis Enhancements in Visual Studio 2013
  5. Shivprasad Koirala: Learn MVC (Model view controller) Step by Step in 7 days – Day 2
  6. Jon Galloway: Top things web developers should know about the Visual Studio 2013 release
  7. Microsoft patterns & practices: Testing for Continuous Delivery with Visual Studio 2012
  8. Robert C. Martin: Functional Programming Basics
  9. Andy Lewis: Visual Studio 2013 Team Foundation Server version control and build
  10. Paulo Zemek: Fluent Method and Type Builder