Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Tuesday, October 8th

  1. S.Somasegar: Visual Studio, Team Foundation Service and the Enterprise Cloud
  2. Brian Harry: VS 2012.4 and TFS 2012.4 RC 4 is available
  3. Brad Sullivan: Hit Count Breakpoints
  4. Office Developer Team: Apps for Office and SharePoint Contest Winner: Mind-O-Mapper from Repoint Technologies
  5. Scott Hanselman: Iterating quickly at a Hackathon with Azure Mobile Services and Dynamic Schema
  6. Heath Stewart: Visual Studio 2013 shortcuts in Windows 8.1
  7. Raymond Chen: I wrote FAT on an airplane, for heaven's sake
  8. Torsten Mandelkow: Free SharePoint Code Analysis Tool available
  9. Bob German: Future Proof Solutions Part 2 - Developing SharePoint 2010 Solutions that become Provider Hosted Apps
  10. Rick Bassham: Creating an FTP Server in C# - with IPv6 Support