Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Wednesday, April 25th

  1. Mike Battista: Respond to User Input
  2. Richard Fennell: My video on using Team Explorer Everywhere is published on Channel9
  3. MS MVP, Stefan: Metro vs. MSI - Windows 8 for Setup Developers, Part 1
  4. Expression Blend Insider: Video Demo: Overview of the HTML Authoring Features in Blend
  5. Visual Studio Toolbox: Designing XAML-based Metro style apps with Visual Studio and Blend
  6. Steven Lange: Thoughts on Managing Documentation Efforts in Team Foundation Server 
  7. Bruno Terkaly: Easiest Way to Get Started in Windows Azure Cloud Development
  8. Jim Hogg: Auto-Vectorizer in Visual Studio 11 – How it Works
  9. Dorian Corompt: Sequences – Being lazy is allowed
  10. Dave Isbitski: Using KnockoutJS in Windows 8 Metro Style Apps

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