Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Wednesday, December 26th

  1. Radio TFS: Goodbye tfspreview, Hello
  2. Jon Galloway: Does ASP.NET Web API + OData filter at the database level? Let's ask IntelliTrace.
  3. SharpGIS: Hacking the Silverlight Unit Tests to support returning Task
  4. Aseel AlOmran: How to develop for Windows Phone 8 on your Mac
  5. Channel 9: Getting Started with the Grid App Template | Windows Store apps for Absolute Beginners with C#
  6. YOW! 2012: Brian Beckman and Michael Ficarra - CoffeeScript
  7. Terry Zink: IT Gangnam Style parody from F5 networks
  8. David Musgrave: Menus for Visual Studio Tools Portal
  9. Buck Hodges: Extending Team Explorer in Visual Studio 2012
  10. YOW! 2012: Kevlin Henney - Cool Code, Modern Programming, Big Problems in Computing