Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Wednesday, November 19, 2014

  1. Daniel Moth: Set breakpoints on auto-implemented properties with Visual Studio 2015
  2. Visual Studio Blog: Blend for Visual Studio 2015 Preview
  3. Scott Hanselman: Announcing .NET 2015 - .NET as Open Source, .NET on Mac and Linux, and Visual Studio Community
  4. Muthukumaran: DevOps style deployment in Visual Studio 2015 preview - A detailed look
  5. RanganathG: Using Selenium with Cloud-based Load Testing
  6. Dr. Dobbs: Microsoft Begins Open Sourcing .NET, No Really, Honest
  7. Marius Schulz: Working with Sass Stylesheets in ASP.NET MVC Applications and Visual Studio
  8. Mohit Srivastava: Announcing Azure SDK 2.5 for .NET and Visual Studio 2015 Preview
  9. VS Magazine Blog: Passing Exception Information
  10. Ankit Asthana: Cross-Platform Mobile Development with Visual C++