Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Wednesday, November 2nd

  1. Built on Microsoft: Soundtracker, a Windows Phone app for geo-social Internet radio
  2. Using the code searching and navigation features in Visual Studio 2010
  3. New from Planet F#: F# Math - Numerical computing and F# PowerPack
  4. Doing more with less: Improving the size-on-disk for .NET 4.5
  5. Basic Design Principles for Windows Phone using Expression Blend with SketchFlow
  6. Scott Hanselman: NuGet Package of Week #11 - ImageResizer enables clean, clear image resizing in ASP.NET
  7. Windows 8 Development: Debugging Contracts using Windows Simulator
  8. Automating Windows Azure Build Process with MSBuild
  9. Glenn Gailey on Publishing My First Windows Phone App to the Marketplace
  10. Start testing your applications for compatibility with .NET 4.5

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