Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Wednesday, October 2nd

  1. Visual Studio Blog: Visual Studio Start Page: Through the ages
  2. patterns & practices: Building a Release Pipeline with Team Foundation Server 2012
  3. .NET Blog: RyuJIT: The next-generation JIT compiler
  4. Infoworld: The moment of truth: When new eyes meet old code
  5. Stephen Ebichondo: Pitching ALM in the Cloud at Microsoft App Star Launch
  6. Windows Apps Team: Blending apps and sites with the HTML x-ms-webview
  7. Michael Pontoppidan: X++ Debugging Tips and Tricks #2 – xSession::xppCallStack()
  8. Martin Hinshelwood: PowerShell TFS 2013 API #1 – Get TfsCollection and TFS Services
  9. Gordon W Beeming: TFS JS Extension using TypeScript
  10. Chandler Carruth from GoingNative 2013: The Care and Feeding of C++’s Dragons