Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Wednesday, October 30th

  1. Visual Studio ALM MVP Anna Russo: TFS 2013 - What's New in Web Test Management
  2. Visual Studio ALM MVP Steve St. Jean: Updating the Microsoft TFS 2012 and Project Server 2013 VM to TFS 2013
  3. Deborah Kurata: Visual Studio 2013: Options Dialog
  4. Pranav Rastogi: Building a simple ToDo application with ASP.NET Identity and associating Users with ToDoes
  5. Wriju Ghosh: Visual Studio 2013 : Enhanced “Go to Definition” #3
  6. Hosam Kamel: Visual Studio 2013 Static Code Analysis in depth: What? When and How?
  7. Rebecca Moore: ‘Coding is not just a male activity’ by Stacey Watkins
  8. Kirk Evans: What Every Developer Needs to Know About SharePoint Apps, CSOM, and Anonymous Publishing Sites
  9. Jerry Nixon: Everything I know ‘bout Behaviors in Blend for Visual Studio 2013
  10. Don Syme: Code Outlining for Visual F# in VS2010, VS2012 and VS2013