Top 10 Visual Studio Links for Friday, October 7th

  1. Beth Massi has a new post - “I Command You!” - LightSwitch Screen Commands Tips & Tricks
  2. Improving developer productivity with Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview
  3. Download the Metro Theme for Visual Studio LightSwitch
  4. Register for Windows Phone Camps! Free, full day events chock-full of everything you need to know to develop a Windows Phone application
  5. Reducing runtime memory in Windows 8  by Steve Sinofsky
  6. Have you used Web.Config Transformations features in Visual Studio 2010?
  7. Visual Studio 2010 makes it easy to adopt Agile software development practices
  8. New article SilverlightShow: Windows Phone 7.1 - Local SQL Database
  9. Additional Mime Types in Visual Studio 2010 Development Web Server
  10. Windows Azure Marketplace Now Available in 26 Countries!

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