Top 10 Visual Studio Links for Monday, September 26th

  1. MSDN Library: Master WCF for More Advanced Applications - new articles that detail how you can implement WCF to improve your applications
  2. BUILT: Post-Conference Thoughts on the Win8 UX, Michael Desmond sits down with Stephen Chapman
  3. More about a vast array of Find experiences from the Visual Studio Blog: Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview: Find & Replace
  4. RFC: Web Platform Installer (WebPI) with an offline feed mode for bandwidth savings, as asked of you by Scott Hanselman
  5. Visual Studio Magazine – Agile Planning Benefits – Expert Solutions for .NET Development
  6. Mickey Gousset dives into modifying the states and transitions of a work item
  7. …then begins a series of columns looking at branching/merging patterns and how to implement them using Team Foundation Server 2010
  8. …and finishes by describing how to implement Branch By Release merges using Team Foundation Server 2010 and discussing some new visualization features.
  9. Installing Team Foundation Server 11 Extension for SharePoint
  10. Installing Team Foundation Server 11 Build Server

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