Top 10 Visual Studio Links for Tuesday, October 4th

  1. New to Visual Studio 2010? Learn about the new features and enhancements in Visual Studio 2010 with this 12-minute video
  2. GoingNative Live at BUILD (Part 1 of 2): Topics include C++ for Metro style apps and Visual Studio 11 DirectX development enhancements
  3. Watch part 3 of a 5 part Webcast series - Automating Virtual QA Environments
  4. Register today for the ALM Summit November 14 – 18th - A terrific speaker line-up includes: Scott Guthrie, Brian Harry, Mark Russinovich and many more
  5. Catching up: Watch What You Missed at BUILD 2011
  6. Take the Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview Survey
  7. From the Blend Insider - Hands On Intro to Blend for HTML—Video plus Code
  8. Microsoft Windows Simulator Touch Emulation  - a quick introduction
  9. A custom data diagnostic adapter for Visual Studio Coded UI Test using Windows PSR 
  10. Channel 9 - .NET 4.5: Performance and Memory Diagnostics

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