Top 8 Microsoft Developer Links for Monday, October 7th

Only 8 for Monday, but I forgot to click Publish. Here they are now, if you were missing them.

  1. LightSwitch Help Website: LightSwitch Survey: Handling Complex Business Logic Using WCF RIA Services
  2. Susan Ibach: Visual Studio Tips: Selection shortcuts for lazy coders
  3. Eric Lippert: Math from scratch, part six: comparisons
  4. Marius Bancila: C++ is fun: optimal alphabetical order
  5. LightSwitch Help Website: Creating a WCF RIA Service for Visual Studio LightSwitch 2013
  6. Brian Keller: Top 5 Reasons to Use Team Foundation Service - Video
  7. Lee Stott: Cloud Gaming Opportunity Unleashed
  8. MSDN Flash: Learn Enterprise Library 6 and Unity 3 with comprehensive hands-on labs