Upgrading from Visual Studio Team Suite Trial Edition

In a previous post (Upgrading from Team Suite Trial Edition, Beta 3 Refresh) I wrote about the upgrade experience when you install Visual Studio Team Suite on top of Visual Studio Team Suite Trial Edition. For retail customers, it’s a simple matter of entering the product key (PID) that accompanies their licensed software. However, for Volume Licensing (VL) customers the PID is already baked into the setup process. As result, VL customers who are upgrading from Visual Studio Team Suite Trial Edition to the VL licensed version are prompted for a key they don’t readily have. The workaround is to either (1) uninstall Team Suite Trial Edition, or (2) obtain the product key from the [Product Key] section of setup.sdb (scroll all the way to the bottom of this text file), which is located in the \vs\setup directory on the DVD.

Update - The same applies for those who obtained Team Suite licensed product through their MSDN subscription.