Pac-Man Championship Edition

Last weekend, I bought a new XBOX Arcade and hooked it up on the downstairs TV. That makes 2 XBOX 360s for me: one in the bonus room upstairs, and one in the family room downstairs.

Why would I need to have two XBOX 360s? Well ... Lots of reasons... It's awfully nice to be able to listen to music from upstairs downstairs, and browsing family pictures on the downstairs TV is pretty cool too... But the primary reason was to be able to play PGR 4 in the family room. At least, that's what I thought when I got it.

But ... It turns out that's not what we're playing the most on it. Since it's the Arcade version of the XBOX 360, it came with Pac-Man Championship Edition. That's what we've been playing the most, lately.

My wife and kids and I played Pac-Man CE a bunch Saturday and Sunday (a bunch for us is about an hour). The kids loved it! They know Pac-Man was perhaps my favorite video game growing up, and my son Zac likes to see if he can one-up me on video games now that's he's 10. And ... Last night was no exception. After playing the game exactly twice, he now holds the family high score on Pac-Man CE at 118,000 (about 6,000 above me).

We play a lot of games as a family, but not that many video games. Mostly things like Zingo, Lost Cities, Whoonu, Monopoly, Life, UNO, etc... But, with Pac-Man CE, I could see us spending a bit more time in front of an XBOX. We also recently got a new dance mat and have been playing that as a family too.

Our recent experiences made reading this article, titled "Microsoft works family angle in new XBOX ads", from USA Today even more interesting...

Now if I could only figure out how to win back the high score from Zac!