Powershell + WPF = Cool

James Brundage has a great series of posts over on the Windows Powershell blog about using WPF to create simple user interfaces for your Powershell scripts. 

Back when I was writing vbs scripts, I was on the bleeding edge of scripting, using IE as a crude UI for my logon scripts.  It worked, but it wasn't easy and it wasn't flexible.  Now with full access to the .net framework and WPF, simple UI's are looking like a snap.

If you're interested, check out the series here...

WPF & PowerShell – Part 1 ( Hello World & Welcome to the Week of WPF )

WPF & PowerShell – Part 2 (Exploring WPF (and the rest of .NET) with Scripts)

WPF & PowerShell -- Part 3 (Handling Events)

WPF & PowerShell -- Part 4 (XAML & Show-Control)

WPF & PowerShell - Part 5 ( Using WPF & PowerShell Modules)

WPF & PowerShell - Part 6 (Running Functions in the Background)

WPF & PowerShell - Part 7 (Sharing Hosts)

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