Microsoft does 733t speak . . . it's like an SNL skit - only funnier.

So yesterday this hilarious URL probably arrived in your inbox via your own personal friend network - and if it didn't, allow me to share it with you now (it's almost as entertaining as the Star Wars Kid):

So this was tossed about on a Microsoft security MVP mailing list and it elicited this hilarious reply from a security MVP:

... I just felt a disturbance in the force, as if millions of kiddies yelled out in embarrassment as their parents tried to talk leet to them...

M0M [133t!]: d00d, did j00 |-|4/\3 phun 4t sk00l t0d4yz? $c13nc3 is teh r0x0rs, w00t! D4D 4nd I R g0ing 0ut ToNiGHT, g0nn4 sh0z /\/\y m4d sk1llz. Th3r3's ph00d in da phridg3.

Son: I'm so embarrassed. Never talk that way again, please.

Maybe it's just me but I thought that was funny as hell and wanted to share Michael's reply with the world via my blog. :)
Shared with permission from Michael: