Denali CTP1, Project Crescent

A number of announcements were made at today’s PASS conference keynote, including Parallel Data Warehouse and Project AtlantaDenali CTP1 is available for download now, and contains many enhancements across SQL Server.  As for Reporting Services, no major enhancements are including in Denali CTP1 yet.

Ever since Reporting Services 2008 R2, we have been very busy working on Project Crescent, among other projects such as SQL Azure Reporting. Crescent is an exciting project and it was great revealing it publicly for the first time at today’s PASS conference keynote.


In short, Crescent is about having fun with data and gaining analytical insights! It is about visualizing and interacting with modeled data in an engaging and meaningful way using highly interactive visualizations, animations and smart querying, and present and share insights with others in the organization. You can find some more details on the Reporting Services team blog in A Glimpse at Project Crescent.