PivotViewer for Reporting Services

PivotViewer for Reporting ServicesPivotViewer for Reporting Services makes it easier to interact with parameterized reports and large amounts of data in ways that are powerful, informative, and fun.  You decide at runtime which subset of data you want to look at and what (meta)data you associate with each card. 

You can now download a technology preview of PivotViewer for Reporting Services and try it out yourself!  PivotViewer is a SharePoint web part that embeds the PivotViewer Silverlight control, based on Pivot, which originated in Microsoft Live Labs. 

My esteemed colleague Cristian Petculescu has been the main person working on the implementation of this project.  I just helped Cristian a bit with rendering parameterized reports directly as PNG images (similar to the approach I described a while back in this blog post), report designs (used in internal & public demos), and several further Reporting Services, SharePoint, and Silverlight configuration details.  PivotViewer was first publicly demonstrated by Amir Netz at this year’s TechEd and BI Conference keynotes. 

Further information:

Enjoy and please provide feedback (in PowerPivot forum or Reporting Services forum)!