Visual Studio Toolbox: What's New in TFS 2018

In this episode, I am joined by Alex Nichols, who reviews many of the new features in Team Foundation Server 2018, the next major version of Microsoft's on-prems DevOps suite, including:

  • Filtering on backlogs, Kanban boards, sprints, and queries [02:00]
  • Inline add on Delivery Plans [02:30]
  • File minimap, bracket matching, wordwrap and toggle white space added to web code editing [02:58]
  • Filter tree view in Code [04:08]
  • Richer pull request callout on commit details page [04:30]
  • Automatically complete work items when completing pull requests [04:50]
  • Wiki [05:35]
  • Git Virtual File System [06:10]
  • New Release Definition Editor [07:30]
  • New unified NuGet build task [09:00]
  • Exploratory testing traceability improvements for work item links, iterations, and area paths [09:52]
  • Test batching [10:45]
  • Removing support for XAML Builds [11:50]