Migration Toolkit Pre-release nears 100 downloads ...

At this time 98 people have downloaded the TFS Migration and Synchronization Toolkit.  Ok - some of you are saying "100?  What's the big deal?  A picture of a rabbit with a pancake on it's head gets more downloads every hour!"

And they would be right.

But think big picture - what if 50% of the downloaders actually open the zip file?

And what it 50% of them actually compile and run the product?

And what if 50% of them start looking into the source code and trying to write their own converter? 

And what if 50% of them actually succeed?

And what if just one of those people decides that their converter is worth sharing with the world?  How many people will that help?  Hunderds?  Thousands?  More?  Or maybe they decide to use the tool for consulting engagements - how many successful careers could be made using that tool?

In the migration space it does not require big numbers to make a big impact.

We've already impacted 100 people.  That is exciting to me.

How many more will download it tomorrow?  And the next day? 

Have you downloaded it yet?