TFS Branching Guidance Version 2 has been Released

 The VSTS Ranger team has released TFS Branching Guidance II.  This document describes pragmatic branching practices that are based on the real world experience of TFS professionals inside and outside of Microsoft.

What's new?  I'l just repeat their information:

  • TFS Branching Guide - Main 2.0
    • This is the main article which briefly explains branching concepts and introduces 3 levels of the most common branching scenario
  • TFS Branching Guide - Scenarios 2.0
    • A collection of less common branching scenarios
  • TFS Branching Guide - Q&A 2.0
    • A set of most frequently asked questions with answers
  • TFS Branching Guide - Drawings 2.0
    • A set of branching drawings in different formats including a large branching poster
  • TFS Branching Guide - Labs 2.0
    • A couple of examples for hands on labs with step by step instruction for practicing the branching scenarios

 Check it out!