Windows 10, 1607, VDI Performance Tuning Guide available

Hello IT Community.  Robert M. Smith, Sr. PFE with Microsoft Premier Services here.  I would like to call out a guide I created and helped get published, on Windows 10 Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).  This guide is for Windows 10, build 1607.  This guide goes through built-in apps, scheduled tasks, settings, and other optimizations available for VDI environments.  You can find this guide here:

The settings in this guide are called out, but not necessarily "recommended" by Microsoft, one way or the other.  But rather, these settings are called out for customers to evaluate for their environments, to see if the settings may provide performance improvements.  The core idea behind this guide, is that most of the settings by themselves are miniscule.  However, multiply the settings times a hundred settings, and then multiply that times the number of VDI desktops, and there is a potential to reduce compute resource demands on the VDI infrastructure, and hopefully provide better performance to each VDI desktop.

And finally, the recommendations can be applied to regular Windows 10 in most cases.  I hope you find this guide useful.


Robert M. Smith, Sr. PFE
Microsoft Premier Services