What do haircuts and technology have in common?

If you were to ask me this I’d have to say nothing (neither does the internet)! But hold on, I really do have a story to tell…

I went to get my hair cut on Monday. I visited a shop nearby work that I had previously been to. It had been a while since I went to this particular shop…the last time I was here must have been in September (Yes, I could have been mistaken for shaggy. J) I gave the lady at the register my phone number and she cordially verified that I was “Robert.” Normally this is where the story ends and most of us have never really understood what the purpose of storing someone’s phone number is.

One pleasant effect of keeping track of who I am was that the lady that cut my hair was able to see what style of haircut I had last time I had been to the shop even though it was eons ago. She quickly asked if I wanted the same style as last time and I pleasantly agreed. This saved me some time and made me feel like a welcome customer.

Simple, seamless, and user friendly…it’s a good system when people don’t notice it’s there.