Windows Server Virtualization CTP Available now!

Well it has finally happened. WSV CTP is out the doors on the Windows 2008 RC0 release. I am going to make this a short post so I can go download ;-)

Quick points of Interest

1) You must be running an Intel or AMD processor with virtualization support
2) You must enable the support in the BIOS and then power off you machine and back on for it to take affect.
3) You must enable the XD/NX (eXecute Disable/No Execute) feature in the BIOS
4) You must install the 64-bit version of Windows 2008
5) You must install the WSV role, see link below
6) Recommend that you are running the latest BIOS on your machine to deal with any issues from early versions of processors.
7) Once installed you get an MMC console to manage your VMs! Yeah no more web interface
8) If you have SCVMM managing your Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1 hosts, you CANNOT manage the WSV host...right now ;-)
9) You need to do the Full Install of Windows 2008 versus the Server Core....a CTP limitation.

Quick links

How to Install - From John Howard's blog get it here

Best place to download - Microsoft Connect site (assuming you are already an approved Windows 2008 beta tester)

Ok I am off to download, more postings to come....enjoy!!