4 new Windows Themes from Microsoft's Duncan Lawler

Check out these 4 great new Windows 7 Themes from Duncan Lawler

Southwest Sandstone theme

Rock formations that evoke alien landscapes and magnificently sculpted stone canyons, spires, and arches will bring the Southwest to you, no matter where you happen to live. This free Windows 7 theme features the photography of Duncan Lawler .

Sandstone theme

Download Sandstone theme for Windows

Futuristic Fractals theme

Bring unexplored dimensions to your desktop background with these images of mind-blowing intricacies—some mechanical, some ethereal, some seemingly colossal. The line between the natural and virtual worlds is beautifully blurred in this free theme for Windows 7 featuring artwork by Duncan Lawler .

Futurisitc fractals theme

Download Futuristic Fractals theme for Windows

Garden Macros theme

Nature's attention to detail is in stunning display in these incredible close-ups. A flower's reflection in a drop of dew, a tiny fern poised to unfurl, the intricate pattern of seeds across the surface of a dandelion. You see it all in a whole new way with this free theme for Windows 7 featuring the photos of Duncan Lawler .

Garden macros theme

Download Garden Macros theme for Windows

Frost Macros theme

Everything in these photos by Duncan Lawler is coated in frost: leaves, reeds, blades of grass, all sheathed in an impossibly delicate crystalline veneer of ice. You’ll be amazed (and want cocoa). A free theme for Windows 7.

Frost Macros theme

Download Frost Macros theme for Windows

Don’t forget all Windows 7 themes also run on Windows 8


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