Windows 8.1 Maps app : FAQ

Windows 8.1 Maps app tile

Windows 8.1 Maps app : FAQ covering:

  • How do I search for a business or address?
  • How do I view business details?
  • How do I get directions to a location?
  • How do I switch between Road and Aerial views?
  • How do I view traffic on the map? How do I add or edit Favourites?
  • How do I set my Home location?
  • How do I get personalised recommendations (Picks for you) using my Microsoft account and Facebook account?
  • How do I delete my search history?
  • How do I report a problem?
  • How do I open the Maps app from another app?

Windows 8.1 Maps app : FAQ

If you don’t have the Maps app you an download it from the Windows Store


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