New name for the same thing...

I've changed the name of my blog. I've been thinking about doing this for a while. Tonight I noticed that my name is nowhere at the top of my blog. Apparently, the new skin I am using no longer displays the description of my blog (used to be "Rob Mensching's blog") with the title (used to be "when setup isn't just xcopy"). Putting vanity aside, that new development bothered me because:

1) I like this new MSDN-like skin better than the old one I was using

2) I agree with many of the more prevalent bloggers I read (like Robert Scoble and Paul Kedrosky most recently) argue that you should have your name on your blog.

In any case, I finally made the leap tonight and just changed the title of my blog to "Rob Mensching on Software Installation and Open Source at Microsoft". That's accurate, descriptive, and not completely boring (I hope). It certainly isn't as cute as "when setup isn't just xcopy"... but I'm not sure how many people got that inside joke anyway.

So, on with the new name for my blog. Hopefully, this change won't do any damage to your RSS reader of choice.

Honestly, the real shake up would be if I finally find a blogging server that feels smoother than Community Server (like when Scoble moved to I'm still not sure how much I really like the current software behind But that's enough for today...