Where's the setup?

I know a lot of you follow this blog because I talk about setup and I know that I haven't been writing about setup much lately. Trust me it isn't because there isn't anything to write. No, the problem is actually that I've been writing internally.

You see, I'm a developer. I write code. I really like writing, debugging, and thinking about code. I can write code for hours on hours plowing through line after line, bug after bug. However, writing (in English) simply drains me. I find this ironic because writing code for computers requires a certain perfection while humans can read over typos, comma splices, and whatnot and still reach the conclusion without crashing. Even so I find it infinitely more difficult to write for humans such that I communicate my ideas accurately. With computers I can step over line after line of assembly knowing myself what the computer understands. Humans are so much more difficult...

So what have I been writing lately? I've been writing about the present and I've been writing about the past*. With the understanding gathered from those writings, most recently I've been writing about the future. And if all goes very well then by the end of the year I'll actually be writing the future... in code.

* When I'm done with my paper on the past, I'll post it here.