New and Improved features in Windows Azure

We’ve opened up some more features in Windows Azure, including being able to use Windows Azure Active Directory natively from Windows Azure Mobile Services.  Check out all the details at ScottGu’s blog.

  • Traffic Manager: General Availability Release

  • Active Directory: General Availability Release of Application Access Support

    • SSO to every SaaS app we integrate with
    • Application access assignment and removal
    • User provisioning and de-provisioning support
    • Three built-in security reports
    • Management portal support
  • Mobile Services:

    • Active Directory Support,
    • Xamarin support for iOS and Android with C#,
    • Optimistic concurrency :
    • Windows Azure Active Directory becomes supported as an identity provider in Mobile Services
    • An updated Mobile Services Portable Class Library (PCL) SDK that includes support for both Xamarin.iOS and
    • New quickstart projects for Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android exposed directly in the Windows Azure Management Portal
    • With optimistic concurrency, your application can now detect and resolve conflicting updates submitted by multiple users
  • Notification Hubs:

    • Price Reduction + Debug Send Support
    • easily send test notifications directly from the Windows Azure Management portal
  • Web Sites: Diagnostics Support for Automatic Logging to Blob Storage

  • Storage: Support for alerting based on storage metrics

  • Monitoring: Preview release of Windows Azure Monitoring Service Library

    • allows to get monitoring metrics, and programmatically configure alerts and autoscale rules for your services.