ISVs - Application Compatibility with Windows 7


Now that the Windows 7 Beta is here (I've installed it on my tablet PC, the Libraries feature is v. neat), it's time (if you haven't already) for ISVs to start thinking about a) application compatibility and b) building the next generation of software applications to take advantage of the new platform.

I've listed some resources below which will help ISVs achieve both of these aims.

If you're an ISV in Ireland/Northern Ireland and want to work with Microsoft on targeting Windows 7 please contact me

Ensure Application Compatibility

Windows Vista Compatibility Center
Gain valuable exposure of your Windows Vista compatible software products by listing them on this comprehensive site. The investments you make to ensure Windows Vista compatibility will help you prepare your software for the release of Windows 7 and give your customers confidence that your products will continue to deliver great value to your customers as they move to the new operating system.

Windows 7 Application Quality Cookbook
Learn how to verify compatibility of your applications with Windows 7 and get an overview of the few known application compatibility issues with the new operating system. Understand differences in performance, reliability, and usability, and access links to detailed white papers and other developer guidance.


Windows 7 ISV and Developer Resources

Windows 7 Developer Guide

Get help building applications on a solid foundation, enable richer application experiences, and integrate the best of Windows and web services by providing information on the features and technologies of Windows 7 that enable you to build the next generation of software applications.

Windows 7 White Papers

Review this collection of white papers on MSDN for in-depth technical insight into Windows 7.

Windows 7 Partner Resources

Access resources describing the Windows 7 partner opportunity.

Windows 7 Content from PDC 2008

View announcements and session recordings from this year’s Professional Developers Conference available online.

Dev Readiness

This site is dedicated to assisting the Windows ISV ecosystem develop high quality applications for new versions of the platform.