Windows 7 ISV App compat drop-in clinics : week of 31st August 2009, Dublin

With the recent release to manufacture (RTM) of Window 7 now is the time for ISVs to make sure your applications are ready for Microsoft’s latest version of Windows.

Over the next few months we will be running a number of Application Compatibility briefings and drop-in clinics, where we have a very high success rate of taking ISV applications that e.g. work on Windows XP, and making them compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7.

For example, by the completion of our remediation workshops in June most applications worked with Windows 7 (and ready to obtain the Compatible with Windows 7 logo) or it had been identified what needed to be done in order to make those applications compatible.

All of these events are free of charge.

First up, we are running 2 1-day clinics the week of 31st August 2009 in Dublin. I’m still finalising the exact days and the venue, but if you’re interested in attending please contact me directly for more details.

The Drop-in Clinic is an event where ISVs can drop in with their applications and get help from a consultant to remediate compatibility issues. ISVs can bring their own laptops running Windows 7 – or failing that we can organise to have Windows 7 PCs available for you to install your application.

One clinic can accommodate a maximum of eight ISVs during a given day.

During the clinics you may test, debug, and fix any application compatibility issues you may have with the assistance of Microsoft Application Compatibility experts.

All client applications are welcome, whether they are written in .NET, C++, VB6, or A.N. Other Tech :-). Please bring with you an installable version of your application(s) and the symbols (PDBs) if possible.

So, if you’re an ISV who needs some help in getting compatible with Windows 7 let me know if you want a slot on the clinic.

If you already support Vista then ensuring compatibility with Windows 7 should be a snap and you should also find it easy to get the Windows 7 logo – see for more details or contact me directly, and let me know if you support Windows 7. You can also declare your support at to get listed in the Windows 7 Compatibility Center.