Back From Vacation

A belated Happy New Year to everyone.  I'm finally back from vacation.  Catching up:

A couple of interesting new posts:

Pat Brenner posts on Spy++ Internals.  Pat was the long-time Spy++ developer even though he wasn't on the VC++ team.  At some point, he gave up developer ownership of Spy++ but when he joined us on the VC++ team recently he re-assumed those duties.

ATL Server will be transitioned to be a shared source project on CodePlex effective March 2007.


There's a new video with various Microsoft language designers (including VC++'s Herb Sutter) talking about the future of languages.

Steve Teixeira posted on a number of VC-related issues.

Stroustrup & Sutter will be presenting a 2-day tutorial at SD West in March.

Nikola Dudar, VC++ Libraries program manager, points to a reply to a forum post that outlines VC++'s new business strategy.

Kang Su Gatlin, over on the Phoenix side of the house, posts that the Phoenix team will be presenting a tutorial at CGO 2007.