Welcome to the Reporting Services User Education blog. I’ll assume you know what Reporting Services is but you may be wondering what User Education is and how it relates to Reporting Services. Well the quick and simple answer is we are responsible for creating all the documentation that ships with the product, specifically all Reporting Services documentation in SQL Server Books Online. To be fair, that statement is an over simplification of what we do; we see our role as educating users about Reporting Services and we don’t want to limit that to just documentation. There are many channels for interacting with the community and we feel that a blog is just one way for us to work with you to build a stronger set of tools to educate users. The following is some of the information we hope to post in the near future:


- Announcements for documentation releases

- Ideas for future content

- Code snippets or samples

- Anything else you would like to see


So without taking any more of your time, we hope that you find the posts here useful and educational and please feel free to let us know what you would like to see here. Thanks!


Reporting Services User Education Team