Demo cases for Aastra

Aastra distributor Wesbell has an agreement with  Boxer Custom Cases that will help you if you carry a Response Point system on the road for demos or presentations.

Boxer has created a customized portable demo case for the AastraLink RP system. This secure, robust case now allows resellers to take their AastraLink RP system safely to customer presentations, trade shows and product fairs.  The customized case has room for the AastraLink RP system, sets, power bar, POE switch and cables (These items do not come with the demo case. They are purchased separately). Once at the customer's site all you have to do is plug the power cord in and the AastraLink RP system boots up. Place the sets on the table and you are ready to demo. Quick, easy and secure.

For more details please call Boxer Custom Boxes directly at 1-877-Boxercase, In addition, Wesbell and Boxer have created a special promotion on the demo case. When speaking to Boxer make sure you mention that you are a Wesbell approved AastraLink RP reseller. Only Wesbell customers receive this special promotion.