Packet8 and Response Point

We just returned from a press conference where Bryan Martin, Chairman and CEO of 8x8, Inc. announced a new marketing agreement with Packet8 service and Response Point.

Here's XD watching Huw Rees (VP Sales & Mktg) and Bryan Martin preparing a demo using the magic blue button to "call Bill", a special guest they dialed in for the presentation.



Here's the official announcement:

8x8, Inc., provider of Packet8 business, mobile and residential communication services, will now offer Packet8 Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service for Microsoft’s Response Point small business phone system.

Companies using the Microsoft Response Point business phone system in conjunction with Packet8 VoIP phone service are assured reliable E-911, CALEA (Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act), USF (Universal Service Fund), TRS (Telecommunications Relay Services) and CPNI (Customer Proprietary Network Information) compliant digital voice service. Response Point customers using Packet8 as their service provider automatically enjoy free calls to and from any other Packet8 subscriber worldwide. Response Point with Packet8 is available immediately through select Microsoft agents and resellers nationwide. For more information, please visit