Stuart Crawford is contagious

Well, contagious in a good way.  Nice words from RP user and MVP in Canada Stuart Crawford:

I have to admit that I was skeptical of Microsoft Response Point in the beginning, however I am sold now.  It is a really good small business phone system.  This is something that I use every day in my work, so I am drinking my own champagne when it comes to a phone system that will meet the needs of business in Calgary.

I guess the one thing that I truly admire about this solution is the commitment from the Response Point team in Redmond and Bulletproof works with this team very closely.  Once again, a great advantage over many other phone systems in the same price range or feature set.  Having a great, strong partner like Microsoft in our corner is crucial to our ability to support this solutions.

I can’t forget about the awesome team at Aastra.  This is the hardware platform we have decided on for Response Point.  Aastra allows for many different types of connections from SIP (Internet) to traditional telephone lines that Telus would provide to us.

Our team is very small and sometimes so buried in the work of building the Response Point business that we can’t respond to everyone as quickly as we’d like, but we do appreciate all your feedback.  Thanks, Stuart!