The 10 Step Response Point Partner Playbook

Steps.jpeg 1. Select Your Hardware OEM:

Aastra, D-Link, or Syspine

2. Choose Your Service Provider:, Cbeyond, NGT, Junction Networks, Packet 8, SMB Phone, TotalTel

3. Know the Response Point Peripherals:

Quintum for Gateways, ClearOne for speakerphones

4. Get Smart:

Read books – from Harry Brelsford and Joe Schurman

Take online training from the RP web

Take Microsoft Learning course #74-675

5. Stock Up:

Get a permanent demo unit at a discount from your OEM

Use it for demos and hot swap backups for your managed services

6. Get Involved in the Community:

Read the Response Point team blog; visit; join the Response Point LinkedIn group

7. Market Yourself:

Get a Yellow Page ad in the TELEPHONE section; do a direct mail piece; put on an event; join local professional organizations

8. Get Those Leads:

Get to know your local Chamber of Commerce; know your local moving companies; Extend your SBS installed base with Response Point; investigate for local angles and opportunities (i.e. monthly SCORE meetings…).

9. Sell the Solution:

It’s all about communication and collaboration. Leverage your SBS and Outlook skills with the client. Customize the RP toast with SP2, customize the auto attendant….

10. Manage that New Customer:

Deliver regular maintenance; sell remote management; network assessment health checks; Response Point customization. All are good ‘links of revenue' that add up overtime.