Mike Harsh talks about WPF/E on Channel 9

If you were at MIX'06 or the last PDC, you have probably heard of WPF/E (or WPF/Everywhere), which is a technology to support rendering a subset of XAML cross-platform and cross-browser. Well, here's your chance to find out more about it - Mike Harsh gives a great overview and then walks through some sample code in this Channel 9 video. BTW, his blog also has a great deal more content related to WPF/E.

Mike, like Joe Stegman and Mark Rideout (also PMs on the WPF/E team), used to work on .Net Client (my previous team) and Mike's office was right opposite mine. I have worked with these guys quite a bit during the VS 2005/ .NET 2.0 product cycle, and I can confidently say WPF/E is in good hands :-)

Mike, good to see you have a window office now!