Smart Defaults for VPN Strategy and Authentication Protocol in CMAK

In W7 the CMAK wizard can be used to create CM profiles that can run on both Vista and W7 machines (a separate profile is still required for XP). When creating the profile if a VPN strategy or authentication protocol is specified which is not supported by Vista then CMAK automatically assigns default values for these settings for Vista. In this blog i will explain what these smart default values are

· If ‘Try IKEv2 only’ or ‘Try IKEv2 First’ VPN strategy is chosen then by default ‘Try SSTP first’ and ‘Try PPTP first’ are assigned for Vista SP1 and Vista RTM respectively

· With any of the VPN strategies if the authentication protocol chosen is EAP-MSCHAPv2 then by default MSCHAPv2 is assigned for Vista SP1 and Vista RTM

The above settings can be changed through the Advanced Customization option in the CMAK wizard

For detail description on the order in which tunnels are tried for every VPN strategy and deployment recommendations for managing mixed client and server OS version scenarios refer to this comprehensive blog written by Samir

Aanand Ramachandran

Program Manager, RRAS