Blogging MS-HUG TechForum - Day 1

Yesterday I attended the first day of the MS-HUG TechForum, 13.5 hours of education, connecting with customers and partners and partying.

With more than 300 registered, this has been one of the most successful TechForums ever with more than 30 education sessions and the debut of dedicated tracks dedicated to Life Sciences and Health Plans.

This was also a great opportunity to connect with friends from the industry and fellow bloggers.

Among the most interesting sessions I attended was the discussion on medical data privacy and security led by Al Weaver, an overview of the Azyxxi acquisition Microsoft recently completed and the keynote by Steve Lipner on the security development cycle at Microsoft. The attendees were also treated with his latest book on the topic so that everybody can implement these practices into their development work.

There were I ton of other sessions that I wanted to attend, but unfortunately the limits of physics prevented me from doing it.

As the closing session for the Healthcare Provider track, I introduced the Connected Health Framework (CHF), our vision for SOA for Health Information Networks. I'll have more to say about the CHF in the following weeks, so keep checking the blog, in the meantime you can check out the presentation from the MS-HUG web site (btw, all the other presentations are available as well). The session went well and we had very good feedback from partners and customers in the audience.

We're now starting day 2 of the conference, I'll get back to you tomorrow...