Mark your Calendars for Future industryCasts

I wanted to give you an heads up for a series of webcasts that we're planning:

January, 30th 2007

There is More to Life in Healthcare Integration than Technical Compliance, Elizabeth Redding, Partner2Learn, Inc.

In healthcare, HIPAA and HL7 solutions have typically only addressed compliance as a no-frills technical solution.  With the advancing urgency of a national healthcare IT infrastructure, it’s time to address healthcare integration as what it is – an ongoing business issue.  Come hear how to leverage business process management and workflow solutions in the healthcare market.  Learn how to move the discussion away from technical compliance to adding value to the organization.

February, 13th 2007

Interoperability in Healthcare, Kirill Gavrylyuk, Lead Program Manager, Microsoft

Although basic interoperability between platforms is becoming widely accepted, developers are now asking how to do more. What is MTOM, and how can I use it to securely send a binary attachment to Java?  Can I trust Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) to send reliable messages to other platforms?  Does it work with open source? Too many protocols to remember—how does Indigo make interop easy?

  • Learn how these advanced interoperability capabilities can be used to solve real-world healthcare scenarios
  • Understand how WCF operates in a heterogeneous environment
  • View demo to understand real-life, in-depth applications

February, 27th 2007

Systems Validation & Compliance, Les Jordan, Industry Technology Strategist, Microsoft

Systems validation is the bane of every organization under the jurisdiction of the FDA and 21 CFR Part 11. To address many of the concerns of regulated companies, Microsoft has developed specific tools to assist with both IQ and OQ – and is looking to do more.

  • Which Microsoft tools can be used for validation compliance purposes
  • What Microsoft is doing to assist companies with FDA compliance
  • What your company can do to streamline your validation processes

March, 13th 2007

Microsoft Connected Health Framework: Using WCF for Cross-Entity Authentication in the Health Plan Space, David Solivan, Architect Advisor, Microsoft

Health plan companies are looking more and more at ISVs to implement industry strategies such as consumerism and outcome-based care.  This session looks at how Microsoft used Windows Communication Foundation to build a flexible cross-entity authentication mechanism for CIGNA and their Choicelinx ISV.  The developed solution has become an SOA service offering from MCS and Microsoft partners.  The session will review the solution which implements cross-entity authentication using X-509, SAML and Cardspace.

March, 27th 2007

The BioIT Alliance, Don Rule, Program Manager, Microsoft

The BioIT Alliance is a group of organizations working together to realize the potential of personalized medicine. The Alliance unites the pharmaceutical, biotech, hardware, and software industries to explore new ways to share complex biomedical data and collaborate among multi-disciplinary teams to speed the pace of discovery in the life sciences. This session will introduce the Alliance and describe our first proof of concept with The Scripps Research Institute that provided a Windows Presentation Foundation front-end over a SharePoint site that enabled scientists to annotate, search, and share laboratory data. We will also discuss progress on a project that we are working on to accelerate the discovery and validation of biomarkers.

Note that there is also a chance to win a Xbox 360 for tuning to these sessions and completing evaluations/feedback.