MS-HUG TechForum - Azyxxi

The closing keynote for MS-HUG was delivered by Davide ViganĂ², General Manager in the Health Solutions Group (HSG).

Davide, to which I partly owe my move from Microsoft Italy to Corp in 2000, is a long time Microsoftie and has worked in healthcare in the past. He gave a little retrospective going back to the first MS-HUG meeting in 1995 which at that time was owned by Microsoft.

Davide talked briefly about the consumer aspects of what HSG is doing and then went into more details on the Enterprise platform and Azyxxi.

Even though I have been working with HSG for the past couple of years and know a lot about Azyxxi, this was the first time I have a seen a live demo.

Meera Kanhouwa, Physician Executive with HSG, did a great job in demonstrating Azyxxi and its ability to allow the clinician to access *all* the information about their patient in a blink of an eye.

Unfortunately, being the last session of the event, many people had left but we still managed to gather a good crowd and have a very lively Q&A session.