MS-HUG TechForum - Lessons Learned in Forming a RHIO

The industry position on RHIOs is that "they are so yesterday" and "HIE is the new RHIO", but it's interesting to see how many people are attracted by this topic and what kind of interest is there in learning how this is working for others.

Mark Singh just spoke about the experience with SEMRHIO. A fellow blogger, MVP and well regarded authority with BizTalk and HL7 is also involved in the project, Eric Stott.

The project looks good and it is in good shape now and I guess that looking at this and other examples in the industry, the most successful projects are the ones that take a very pragmatic approach, address a concrete business need and can show rapid return on investment (duh).

Have a look at the presentation on the MS-HUG web site.

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