New Version of the MSCUI Posted

The team in the UK is doing a great job with the Microsoft Common User Interface (MSCUI). Head over to to check for the new version that was just posted.

New in this release:

  1. Publication of new and updated Design Guidance:
    1. New Micro Patient Banner guidance
    2. New Displaying Graphs and Tables guidance
    3. Updated Time Display guidance
    4. Updated Date and Time Input guidance
  2. Publication of 6 new Controls for Silverlight 2 and WPF:
    1. New Silverlight and WPF PatientBanner controls
    2. New Silverlight and WPF AddressLabel controls
    3. New Silverlight and WPF ContactLabel controls
    4. New Silverlight and WPF GenderLabel controls
    5. New Silverlight and WPF IdentifierLabel controls
    6. New Silverlight and WPF NameLabel controls
  3. Updates to the Patient Journey Demonstrator which showcases CUI design guidelines, controls and future UI concepts in a Silverlight 2 application.
  4. Publication of the new Team Blog.