NHIN/RHIO, a step closer...

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has just announced the 4 winners of the RFP for the NHIN/RHIO prototype.

Microsoft is actively engaged in the one led by CSC and I am personally working on their implementation of the Massachusetts RHIO on our platform.

From the press release:

  • CSC, working with Browsersoft, Business Networks International, Center for Information Technology Leadership, Connecting for Health, DB Consulting Group, eHealth Initiative, Electronic Health Record Vendors Association, Microsoft, Regenstrief Institute, SiloSmashers, and Sun Microsystems. This group will work with the following health market areas: Indiana Health Information Exchange (Indiana); MA-SHARE (Massachusetts); and Mendocino HRE (California).

Read the rest on the DHHS web site

Now the fun begins...