Virtua Health Joins the Growing Amalga Family

Today we announced Virtua Health as our 12th Amalga, the Unified Intelligence System (UIS) customer.

Virtua Health is a pioneer in healthcare quality and many other areas. We are jazzed to have them part of our client base and look forward a number of ways in which we can together “Improve Health Around the World”.

Implementation at Virtua is underway and soon we should be able to start talking about some of the benefits and accomplishments.

We see Amalga UIS playing a key role in Lean and Systems Engineering initiatives at all of the hospitals and organizations where we’re running. The fundamental principle here is that by providing the appropriate tools to the frontline users, organization will be able to reduce the feedback loop cycles helping them understand where process can be improved and naturally gravitate towards a more efficient way of providing care, improving organizational performance, reducing inefficiencies and so on.

With Virtua’s experience in this are we hope to make our product and solutions even more suited to this purpose.

Read the full press releases to get the entire story.

This brings the number of announced Amalga customers to twelve:

Medstar (July 2006)

New York Presbyterian Hospital (March 2007)

Johns Hopkins (April 2007)

Wisconsin Health Information Exchange (August 2007)

Novant (August 2007)

Moffitt (September 2007)

St. Joseph Health System (November 2007)

DC RHIO (June 2008)

El Camino (September 2008)

University of Washington (September 2008)

Seattle’s Children Hospital (September 2008)

Virtua Health (March 2009)