I looked at my blog today and I hav not been blogging in more than a month!

It's incredible how time goes by while you're having fun ;-) Oh, and HIMSS also played a big role in that as well!

We had a very good show and the Microsoft pavillion was packed with partners showing their solutions for RHIOs and healthcare integration, portals, secure messaging, various mobility solutions and many many others.

I spent my time running from meeting to meeting with little time to walk around the floor. I also had the time on Sunday night to spend some time with fellow Healthcare Bloggers.

I want to thank all the readers that posted comments on the blog highlighting different solutions based on the Microsoft platform and new and fresh initiatives to improve the use of IT in healthcare. Keep sending those comments in.

I'll be back soon to give you an update on the various initiatives that I'm following and to respond to queries that I received via email.