Welcome to my blog

First post (took a long time)! I will start with introducing myself. My name is Ravi Tandon, I joined Microsoft in February 2006 as an SDET in the India Development Center. My first team was Microsoft SQL Server Compact, an embedded database product. In April 2012 I decided to move to Redmond where I now work as a Senior Software Engineer in the Microsoft HDInsight team.

In the last 3 years with HDInsight I have worked on multiple sections of the service:

  • the deployment service (resource provider) - the service that creates your clusters
  • engineering systems - continuous integration, push-to-cloud build systems
  • and now I work on Apache Storm - as a PaaS service on both Windows & Linux - additionally providing C# .Net interfaces via SCP.Net


Why the blog now?

Each team in Microsoft operates differently. I used to blog a bit earlier but they were mostly on team blogs as most of the stuff we worked on was proprietary. I am engineer who likes to make things work, so I would naturally have to scrub a lot of information when it came to product code.

Moving to Microsoft HDInsight, things have changed. Now that I work more on the OSS side of things: bring Apache Hadoop, Apache Storm, Apache HBase to Azure, I have started to establish a connection with the community, which I would like to build on.


What to expect?

Earlier this year we stood up a repository to host Apache Storm examples that work on Microsoft HDInsight at https://github.com/hdinsight-storm-examples. The examples are mostly one-command runnable. I would like that repository to mature and provide more scenarios, tools on things that you can accomplish with HDInsight & Storm.

If there are any particular areas of interest where you want to know more about using HDInsight or Apache Storm, feel free to let me know. My goal has been to share as much scenarios, automation scripts, tools that make my development life easy and hopefully can make the community's life easier too.


Stay tuned.