Updated Developer & ITPro Days 2005 Agenda

Just completed some more details on the agenda, and I will continue so in the next coming weeks.
Please, please, pretty please give us some feedback. Especially around the 'Connect' sessions. Some people seem to think this is a great idea, other really don't see the point.

The idea behind the 'Connect' sessions is that as a professional in IT, be it that your business cards says 'Developer', 'Analyst', 'Architect', 'Engineer','Operations', 'DBA', 'Administrator', 'Network', we all once in a while need to do some of these jobs, or at least be aware of the other guy [1]. As a developer, you might need to install your own dev-box, set-up the test-environment, need dba access to the test-database, etc. As a developer you need to have basic knowledge of the infrastructure, network and databases. As an IT Pro,  I assume your development skills can really help you be more productive in writing the right set of scripts to automate a whole series of otherwise dead-boring task.

So we have some sessions with really similar names and speakers that have been instructed to work together on delivering a strong story. These session are also displaced so that you can just follow the dev-track, but you can also follow the dev-session and the ITPro session, giving you the complete picture of the topic.

Does that make sense? What is your opinion of this Connect-track? Tell me, even if you are not planning on attending.

I'm working on getting the agenda fully finalized, still need to hunt down 2 speakers and some session abstracts.


[1] With all due respect to all the women that work in our business. Apparently, from former events where there was some sort of  'Women in IT' session or focus or whatever, women do not want to be singled out, they just want to be part of the guy's.