If you’re using the new Intel CPUs for Hyper-V, get this fix.

I’ve been honored to work in Intel lately on some of their technical trainings they present to their partners. Part of these events involve ongoing training where Intel provides an afternoon of partner technical training that walks them through building out a newer generation server. To me, the education I imagereceived just by hanging around was awesome! 

Since I was spending so much time with their newest hardware, they were nice enough to loan me one of their Xeon X3440 CPUs and the corresponding server motherboard. I’ve built this puppy out in my lab, and I’ve gotta tell you, 8 threads in task manager is pretty cool! Thank you Intel, I’m putting it to good use in the form of upcoming screen casts. Stay tuned for more on Live Migration between different Intel CPUs!


BUT first, there’s a hotfix you need to install on your servers before you head into production. I found the heads up on this situation from Ben Armstrong’s blog here, and then I checked out our knowledge base article here

Now the article discusses the 5500 series Xeon, and I told you that I have the Xeon 3440, what gives? According to Intel, the 3440 CPU is the uni-processor implementation of the 5500. I experienced the very same blue screen mentioned in the article, so I’ll bet my CPU will benefit from this hot fix as well. I just installed the hot fix, so I’ll update you if there are any changes, but I wanted to share what I learned so everyone else can take advantage of this killer SMB server solution. 

Don’t worry, I’ll talk more about the server soon enough, but for now, make sure you grab this patch so you can virtualize away!

Until next time,


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